Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tarry Night

This is a look that I would love to do for a show or a hardcore night out, but I had to adapt it a little, as I was going to be wearing it all day. I don't really go to shows or out anymore anyway; I have a two year old! So I'm sure all will be shocked to learn I used a Hard Candy quartet. I used an oldie but goodie, the Techno quad. I used both blacks as well as the silver. I also used a NYX jumbo Black Bean pencil, and started by rubbing that all over my lower lid on top of my UDPP. I then used the smoky grey/black and applied that all over my lid about halfway up to the browbone. Next, I blended the crap out of it, using a color that matches my skin tone on my brow bone, blending into the smoky grey/black. I then used the pitch black color with silver sparkles on my lid and blended. I smudged both colors on my lower lash line, using the silver on my tear duct and inner corner. I used a black eyeliner on top and bottom lash lines and on top and bottom water lines. Finished with black mascara. I loved how this turned out, the pitch black has silver sparkles, which really set off the look, and in my opinion give it a pretty, rather then industrial look. The trick to wearing any makeup is to blend, but especially with dark colors!

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