Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Glamour Doll Eyes Review and Swatches

I ordered two sample sets from Glamour Doll Eyes. I ordered the Power Outage set, and the glitter set. I absolutely love these glitters. They are so fine, they are great for making your own glitter liner, and they are sooo bright. The shadows not so much. It's a cool idea, it's a bunch of matte black shadow with different colored glitter in each, but the glitter doesn't really show up, and the shadow is streaky, chunky, and hard to blend. I think it's just the collection I chose tho, because I have seen this brand used plenty of times on youtube, and it looks awesome, which is why I was so excited to try it out. I had a very negative experience with this company tho. I placed my order on Dec. 9th, and didn't recieve my stuff until Dec 31st. When my package got here, all the makeup (all 16 jars) were thrown into a plain mailer with no bubble wrap or protective wrapping of any kind. Two of my jars leaked product. The jars lids are held on by a piece of tape, which tore up my manicure trying to peel off. It looks as tho my jars that leaked were cracked. The owner however, gave me a refund for the two cracked jars, and then sent me a gift certificate to return. At first I wasn't planning on ordering again, but I'm pretty excited to give it another try, as I was looking forward to the shadows, and I picked a collection I can't really work with. The first pic is with flash, the second is without. The glitters are swatched over UDPP, and the shadows are over NYX jumbo pencil in Black Bean.

Left to Right: Fierce, Circus, Glowstick, Cashed Out!, Techno, Rave, Dizzy, Pink Cadillac, Hollywood, (Pink Cadillac over a purple base)

Left to Right: Fierce is red glitter, Circus is orange glitter, Glowstick is a neon green glitter the color of glow in the dark, Cashed Out! is money green glitter, Techno is light blue glitter, Rave is a meduim purple glitter, Dizzy is a medium pink glitter, Pink Cadillac is a pink/blue/purple duochrome glitter, and Hollywood is rainbowy silver like MAC reflects 3D.
Left to Right: Graffiti, Galaxy, Ladies Night, Monster Mash, Urban Trash, Leather & Lace, UFO
Left to Right: Graffiti is black with green glitter, Galaxy is black with purple glitter, Ladies Night is black with blue glitter, Monster Mash is black with orange, yellow, and green glitter, Urban Trash is matte black, Leather & Lace is black with pink glitter, and UFO is black with holograph (silver rainbow) glitter.

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